Automatic Wide Belt Sanders

RS WOOD - CMC deals with production and sale of calibrator and automatic wide belt sander woodworking machinery.

The automatic wide belt sander is used to process panels in order to fine-tune their dimensions and/or sand them to smooth off their surfaces in preparation for finishing.


The calibration phase allows for any reduction in the thickness of the panel by removing a layer and ensuring it is perfectly straight; while the sander renders the surface completely smooth.
Both phases take place as the panel passes under the abrasive belts that are of varying degrees of abrasiveness depending on how much material needs to be removed and the type of wood being worked.


The calibrating machines featured in our catalogue can be configured according to need - which differs according to the product to be processed: solid wood, veneered panels, painted panels etc...

Here are the main areas to be configured to ensure correct processing of your product:

Working width

The first thing to consider when processing panels, tables, doors and similar items is the width of the working area; our machines start at 650mm and go up to 1350mm, and are generally 950mm, 1100mm and 1350mm. Do not confuse this with the width of the machine which is obviously greater than the working width indicated.

It is worth remembering that for the most common processes a 1100mm machine is sufficient.

Number and type of rollers/groups

We talk about ‘rollers’ if the calibrating machine is simply working with abrasive rollers while when the roller is accompanied by another component such as a ‘buffer’ or ‘plane’ this is termed 'group'.

This configuration depends on your processing needs and whatever these may be our machines are suitable to support different groups.


Depending on the type of work to be undertaken it will be important to have the correct level of hardness for the rollers and the group in general.

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Our machines are built entirely in Italy with Italian materials and therefore guarantee a perfect manufacture and widely available parts and service. All machines comply with CE regulations and the required parameters on the issue of noise and dust.


All RS WOOD - CMC products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance conditions. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase.


The installation service offered by the company is carried out by specialized dealers, present over most of the territory, both nationally and internationally.




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