Spindle Moulder Machines

RS WOOD - CMC deals with production and sale of spindle moulder machine.

 mg 6710Spindle moulder machine are commonly used to trim and shape wood to make it ideal for various uses such as in shutters, windows, frames, doors, etc.

These tools also allow tenoning for window assemblage, that is, a milling process used to join side jambs to head jambs in window frames and frames in general.

These are ‘secondary processing’ tools, which work on solid wood and are not used on timber that is to be cut to measure, but on wood that is to be finished, milled and subsequently worked.


Spindle moulder machine are power tools that are commonly used on an artisanal or industrial scale (and also for naval use). For that reason our range of products covers the various needs of artisans and hobbyists right up to the industrial needs of the woodworking sector.


The spindle moulder is a versatile tool enabling two principle processes, trimming and tenoning. Below we explain the two processes and the tools available.


This machine allows you to create a border in the wood making it ideal for numerous uses, such as in different types of shutters, and in frames and doors. In general, all wood milling machines are suited to trimming solid wood, whilst only certain models allow tenoning.

There are various models of RS WOOD tools available, all of which are capable of trimming, whereas only the TC and TT models are also capable of tenoning.


The spindle moulder for tenoning is a specific configuration of the basic tool; this is used in the tenoning process simply to create the joint between two jambs. For this procedure, however, a slightly different configuration of the tool is required and therefore not all of our models are suited to tenoning.


T900 – spindle moulder for trimming, an entirely manual basic tool suited to small-scale artisans.

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T11 and T11/23 - Spindle moulder with fixed table, a tool suited both to artisanal and industrial use. The basic version is manual, however lift and tilt control may be added upon request. Inverter motor always by request.

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TC900 – Spindle moulder for trimming and tenoning with carriage, a basic version suited to the needs of small-scale artisans.

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TC11 – Spindle moulder for trimming and tenoning suited both to artisanal and industrial use, showing the front carriage. Personalisation is available with inverter motor, tilt and lift control.

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TT11 and TT11L – Both are Spindle moulder with side carriage for tenoning. These are specialised tools used chiefly in the making of frames.

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All our Spindle moulder machines can have the chuck mounted at the top of the shaft to enable the mounting of pantograph milling tools, and can also be equipped with interchangeable shafts. They are also available with management software upon request so that procedures may be managed from a control panel.


These machines do not require special maintenance except for daily or weekly cleaning based on the frequency of use to remove dust and wood sawdust.

The machines already have the supports for vacuum cleaners available in our range of products.

All Toupie wood are built under EC legislation protocols why there are no particular safety issues to consider. With each machine is supplied standard shaft protection with wooden guide boards.


All RS WOOD - CMC products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance conditions. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase.


The installation service offered by the company is carried out by specialized dealers, present over most of the territory, both nationally and internationally.




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