Wood Thickness Planer Machine

RSWOOD - CMC designs and manufactures wood thickness planer for planing of solid wood or wood panel.

Wood Thickness Planer Machines are characterised by a single plane that, based on the position, allows you to remove more or less material from various pieces of wood.

The cutting edges and blades on these types of machines are long lasting, and so allow a considerable saving over time.


A surface planer serves to straighten a piece of wood to be processed while a thickness planer serves to bring a piece of wood to the required size.

Most requests for these machines come from professional workshops and specialised industries in wood processing and the production of doors and windows.


WOOD PLANERS are available in two main versions:


Ideal for the planing operations involving raw wood, i.e. all those alignment operations necessary to create flat beams and pieces of wood that can be worked with.

RS WOOD produces three types of surface planer:

  • RPE410 - basic model for the reduced needs of smaller craftsmen
  • RP400 and RP500 - larger models that cater for both craftsman and industry

Surface planers are available with planer shafts in three versions:

  1. Standard blades
  2. Tersa type blades
  3. Coil shafts with silenced plates



The second processing step where a piece of wood is cut down to the desired thickness.

RS WOOD produce three types of thickness planer:

  • SP400 - basic model for the reduced needs of smaller craftsmen
  • SP530 - caters to craftsmen and industry and so provides some additional features to the basic model
  • SP630 - model with larger table and already equipped with handling system operated with a control panel

The 530 has the basic version of the manual lifting of the thickness plane and can be mounted to a PLC positioner for positioning the plane.

On each machine with PLC plane positioning an inverter is mounted for the management of plane motor movement. Furthermore all machines have an ejection system on a chip that will be connected to suction assemblies.


The surface planers and thickness have no need for any particular routine maintenance except regular cleaning of dust, shavings and sawdust. For the smooth operation connect the machine to an industrial vacuum cleaner.

All cleaning and maintenance Safety information is available in the instruction booklet together with your purchase.


All RS WOOD - CMC products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance conditions. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase.


The installation service offered by the company is carried out by specialized dealers, present over most of the territory, both nationally and internationally.




If you want a quote, or simply looking for a customized machine you need advice on your purchase, please leave your contact information along with your message and we will contact you within 48 H!

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