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Wood processing is divided into two main moments:

- "first processing", the production of raw wood boards
- "second processing", the transformation of the board into a defined product (windows, furniture, doors, etc.)



RSWOOD - CMC designs and manufactures the following types of woodworking machines:

sel1600 0046 230x175Circular Saws and the Vertical Drills

The Circular Saws and the Vertical Drills are used for squaring panels of variable dimensions, produced by other factories (the panel from the industry, then passes to the craftsman who works it).

These are universal machines, suitable both for artisan and industrial carpentry, indispensable in any environment where wood is worked.



tc90075 230x175Spindle Moulder and vertical milling machines

Spindle Moulder and vertical milling machines suitable for both artisan and industrial carpentry.

These are "second-hand" machineries, which work on solid wood (they do not intervene, that is, on the wood to be cut to size, but on the solid wood to be finished, milled and then worked), they are used for profiling, tenoning and for the production of windows.



sp 400 230x175

Wire and thickness planers.

Wire and thickness planers used in the solid wood used for planing.

There are two types: planer wire that straightens the solid wood, that is, deals with the first planing of wood, and thickness planer that finishes it and makes it to measure, to get the wood in the desired dimensions. This machinery is used in industries and artisans.



af600 230x175Boring machines and Asolatrici

Boring machines and Asolatrici intervene in the second phase of wood processing, producing the hole or the slot on the solid wood. These are machines suitable for both industries and crafts.





lt12004 230x175Wood lathes

Wood Lathes used to make, for example, table legs.There are mainly two types of lathes: simple and to copy, the first produces turnings on the right, the second copy predefined shapes that are set directly on the machine.

The lathe follows the "templates" built by the user, that is, copies this shape and reproduces it on the wood. This machinery proves suitable for both industrial and artisanal.